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You Are a Wave in the Ocean of the Universe

You Are a Wave in the Ocean of the Universe


Original Print of Artwork by Karina Bhargava



This was originally created as a custom design, with the intention of expressing how we are all connected.


Each soul is like a wave in the ocean or like a cell in the body. We are microexpressions of the macrocosm, a part of something greater than ourselves yet tied together by the same thread that weaves a tapestry of consciousness.


Each wave stands whole and alone as its own unique expression, but a wave is still the ocean.


Like our lives, waves are ever changing and temporary; a new one beginning where the last one ends. Every ending is the start of a new beginning and perhaps nothing ever truly dies but merely takes a new form. 


The ocean is beneath us, above us and within us.


Do you choose to ride the heights of the waves, like a surfer, and stay close to  the surface? Do you choose to plunge into the depths of the ocean, like a scuba diver, fearlessly exploring the unknown? Or do you ebb and flow, playing both roles?


How deeply you choose to feel, connect, love, and embody in this lifetime is entirely up to you. 




Product Information:

Dimensions 8x11 in

Printed on thick, matte paper


Originally created on Bristol paper with pen & ink


© Karina Bhargava 2022

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