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Venom Dances in my DNA

Venom Dances in my DNA


Original Print of Artwork by Karina Bhargava


Earlier this year, I was bit by a venomous rattlesnake, and I healed myself with no anti-venom.


Although this was a seemingly 'negative' event, I knew that there was more to the picture and it was an important part of my path.


Snake medicine had much to teach me, and I began to understand that what's poison can be medicine too.


In indigenous cultures, it's believed that snakes carry their wisdom and knowledge in their venom.


Those who carry snake medicine have the gift of transmutation, curing all illnesses and healing quickly.


During this painful experience, I had heard potential outcomes such as death, leg amputation and never being able to walk again.


Two months later,  I had an experience where I instantaneously healed overnight. I could barely walk after getting off bedrest and in one night, I was able to walk for 3 miles with far less pain.


Not much longer after, I was back in the forest, running again.


I believe in synchronicities and that nothing happens by coincidence.


I walk the path of a healer and I see this experience as a gift and a transference of energy between me and the snake


Quite literally, I have become one with the snake.


Product Information:

  • Dimensions 12x18 in
  • Printed on thick, matte paper
  • Originally created on Bristol paper with pen & ink


© Karina Bhargava 2022

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