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The Universe is in Your Hands

The Universe is in Your Hands


Original Print of Artwork by Karina Bhargava


I watched my own words come to life as a synchronistic series of events unfolded in front of me only moments after I spoken them. In that moment, a truth I had always known became solidified in my soul.


Have you ever asked--who created this world we live in? Look no further than a snowflake to see divine creatipn in even the smallest of entities. Look no further than the stars to become encompassed in a tent full of that same perfection.


Have you ever asked--if explosions lead to chaos and destruction, how come the greatest explosion in the universe led to perfect order? (The Big Bang)


The answers are all around us, if only we have the eyes to see and the ears to listen.


In this magical universe, great power comes with great responsibility. With the power of creation comes the power of destruction.


Look no further than your hands, to see the universe they hold. Ask yourself, what are you using your power for? What are you creating? What are you destroying? What do you want to experience.


Look to this piece to activate the cosmic creator within and watch a magical life unfold, more beautiful than you can possibly imagine.


Product Information:

Dimensions 11x17 in

Printed on thick, matte paper


Originally created on Bristol paper with pen & ink

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