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The Khione Earrings

The Khione Earrings

SKU: GCK0002

Named after the Greek Goddess of Snow, the winter hues of the Khione Earrings enhance your natural beauty by creating a beautiful contrast against the snowy, white landscapes winter brings us.


As the daughter of the Wind God, the Goddess Khione relates to cold air and winter storms. Like the goddess, the cool blue tones of these reiki-infused gems are reminiscent of powerful winter winds, if it were to have a color.


Radiate like a Winter Goddess, even in the midst of a snowstorm, with the high-vibrational, metaphysical properties of the Khione Earrings, which promote inner peace. The energy of blue is linked to the third eye and assists the wearer in transcending fear by increasing your intuitive wisdom and clarity. 

Both your third eye and the frequency of blue relates to how we perceive ‘linear time’ and can help relieve anxiety by changing your perception of reality from a 3D to a 5D state of consciousness. 


According to TCM, the emotional activity of fear is associated with kidney energy which is also linked to the season of winter, your urinary bladder, the element of water, and the environmental factor of cold. Like the seasons, your soul follows a cyclical nature. Winter is often a time of rest, spiritual tests for your soul growth, exploring your shadow self, a time for endings and new beginnings (a completion of a cycle), new hopes and embracing the Divine Feminine.

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