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The Kaimana Necklace

The Kaimana Necklace


Kaimana means 'power of the ocean' in Hawaiian. 


This piece features turquoise wire wrapped in copper with a multicolor bead.


Embrace the strength of the ocean through the healing properties of the Kaimana necklace.


Find strength in the calmness of the gentle waves or in the destruction of a tsunami.


We are each like a wave in the ocean, and together we are more powerful than on our own.


Harness the power of the collective through this amulet and let it flow through each of your chakras.


The rainbow bead symbolizes the merging of all these energy centers to create one.


Turquoise is the color of the throat chakra, which is responsible for communication and self expression.


Like the ocean, the waves are always flowing. 


This stone helps open up all chakras and instills an inner calm, found in the stillness of water.


Whether it's through movement or stillness, the flow of peace is available to you through the activation of turquoise energies.


Use this stone to stimulate tissue regeneration, purify your lungs and clear a sore throat.


In addition to the copper wrapping, turquoise itself also contains copper and aluminum. 


Copper acts as a bridge between the spiritual and physical realms. 


As a conductor, it can help to clear out any negative energy and helps balance out the chakras.


It can also improve circulation and increase your energy.


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