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The Gaia Necklace/Headpiece

The Gaia Necklace/Headpiece

SKU: GCG0001

Named after the Goddess of the Earth, Gaia is revered as the Mother, bring life to the planet and all her inhabitants, offering nourishment to all her children.


There is nothing more pure than a Mother's love, which is why this piece contains rose quartz, the ultimate stone of healing and love.


With her raw, maternal power, the Gaia Necklace/Headpiece is handmade and reiki-infused with the power to transmute chaos into calm.


Rose quartz supports heart chakra healing and acts as a bridge between the lower chakras and higher chakras.


The heart chakra is the doorway to higher love, empathy, compassion. It governs how you relate to others and handle relationships.

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