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The Aurora Pendant

The Aurora Pendant


The Aurora Pendant features an aura quartz crystal in an intricate, wire-wrapped copper frame. 


Aura quartz is an exceptionally high vibrational crystal, with its iridescant and dreamy tones.


Call in your angels with aura quartz and reunite with the heavens.


This stone changes its hues of blue, green, purple and grey, depending on the light.


It's a perfect symbol for shifting your perspective and seeing beauty in every angle of a situation. 


Find the light in even the darkest of storms, and embody the energy of a master healer through the support of the Aurora Pendant.


As a conductor, copper can help to clear out any negative energy and helps balance out the chakra.


Merge with the element of metal to improve circulation and increase your energy.


This beautiful metal acts as a bridge between the spiritual and physical realms.


Rise high in the heavens with the energy of aura quartz, and ground it into earth with the energy of copper.


Bring Heaven on Earth in the Here & Now.


Together the magical properties of stone and the grounding forces of metal will bridge the upper and lower worlds and help you walk across that Rainbow Bridge.

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