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The Athena Necklace/Headpiece

The Athena Necklace/Headpiece


Unleash the goddess within with this versatile, handmade macrame piece which can be worn as either a necklace or a headpiece. 


The Athena Necklace/Headpiece is reiki-infused with healing energy to amplify the properties of the pink agate crystal.


Pink Agate is known for its not only beauty but for its high-vibrational feminine healing energy and emotional support. The energetics of the pink color comes from mixing red and white, which is why this associated with the heart chakra and can transmute anger. It promotes confidence and supports the mind from shifting from a defensive state to a more positive one. 


It also acts as a shield, protecting its wearer from negative energy so you radiate from the inside out, allowing your true beauty to reflect in your aura.


By wearing this as a headpiece, the pink agate can stimulate your third eye, which helps you to see clearly. Pink agate contains a unique ability of promoting inner realization and helping you release old and outdated belief systems.


This piece was created using micromacrame techniques, symbolizing patience and creation with every knot made.

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