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The Athena Earrings

The Athena Earrings


These handmade, reiki-infused earrings are perfect for any person that loves elegant, lightweight pieces. 


The Athena Earrings are set with intentions to heal the Divine Feminine wounds and awaken her power. This energy lives within each individual, laying dormant until it rises.  The Divine Feminine flows through the forces of nature--the moon, ocean, trees..and YOU.


She is guided by her intuition and lives life according to the cycles of nature, honoring the sacredness of life force energy. Allow your true feminine nature to rise with the support of the Athena Earrings.


The rose colored beads and beautiful copper tones make this the perfect accessory to any outfit!



Copper Wire

Glass Beads


Jewelry Care:

Avoid wearing in the shower, as copper tends to patina (gets a green color) when it's oxidized. Cleaning your earrings with a jewelry cloth is one of the best ways to keep your jewelry in good condition so you can enjoy it for a long time.

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