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Tattoo Token

Tattoo Token


Hey friends! Want to get one of my existing artworks tattooed? Have my blessing and help me keep making art by buying this tattoo token.


To purchase a tattoo token, please DM me on social media or submit a contact form on my website with your name, email, and what art piece you would like to get tattooed before purchasing a token.


After approval, you will be able to purchase a token. Prices for tokens vary depending on the size and amount of time it took me to create the piece.


You will receive an email with a receipt and a downloadable permission slip with your name for a single use design, which you can show to your tattoo artist. I'm also happy to send a higher resolution file with the design.


Purchase of a tattoo token is a permission to use one of my preexisting designs for a single use personal tattoo design.


Tokens are for preexisting designs only, so if you're interested in a custom commission, please email


Prices for tokens vary depending on the size and amount of time it took me to create the original piece.


​If you feel comfortable sharing your tattoo once it's done, please tag me on social media @aliasoulistics or send me an email with photos. I would love to see the finished piece! Please ask your tattoo artist to credit me in any pictures.


Thanks so much for helping me continue to make art!


Purchasing this does not send a physical item but gives you and your tattoo artist permission to use my artwork for a one-off tattoo.


Terms & Conditions


Tattoo Tokens are exclusively for a single use personal tattoo procedure only. A token does not buy you the rights or permission to...

  • Sell my designs in any way or use it for any commercial purposes or profit
  • Distribute or print my designs in any manner
  • Use this design for flash sheets or be sold in tattoo shops
  • Edit my artwork in any way


All copyrights and ownership of designs belong to Karina Bhargava.


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