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Original Print of Artwork by Karina Bhargava


The Koi Fish is a Japanese symbol for love, friendship and peace. Often times, koi fish are seen in pairs of two, as it represents yin and yang and the balance of two in a relationship.


There is one koi in this piece of art to symbolize the strength of one, as a representation of being whole on your own.


The intention behind this piece is to help you tap into the energy of water so that you may flow with the current and ride the wave when it rises. Like the fish, Pisces flows through the the ebbs and flows, remaining in harmony with the water and the natural, abundant flow of creativity and abundance.



To read more about this piece, check out the description on my instagram:


Product Information:

Dimensions 9x12

Printed on thick, matte paper


Originally created on Bristol paper with pen & ink

© 2022 Karina Bhargava

© 2022 Karina Bhargava

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