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Nomads in the Desert

Nomads in the Desert


Original Print of Artwork by Karina Bhargava


A little bit about the design:


This piece was inspired by a past life memory, in which I was a nomad traveling in the desert.


As a nomad, my sense of home is found within, and in many people and places.


Often times, you often don't encounter them twice in a life and live your life from a space of detachment while also experiencing and feeling life deeply.


How often we take parts of one place somewhere else or within ourselves, forming a unique mosaic of someone with different pieces forming a new image.


This piece serves as a reminder that we are always carry a piece of the people and places we have loved and cherished throughout our lifelong journeys.


Product Information:

This piece is available as a physical print or a tattoo token.


Originally created on Bristol paper with pen & ink


  • Physical Print:
    • Dimensions 8x11
    • Printed on thick, matte paper


You will receive a physical copy in the mail.


  • Tattoo Token:
    • Digital 


Please note that no physical copy will be provided for tattoo tokens.


You will receive an email with a receipt and a downloadable permission slip with your name for a single use design, which you can show to your tattoo artist. I'm also happy to send a higher resolution file with the design.


Purchase of a tattoo token is a permission to use 'Nomads in the Desert' for a single use personal tattoo design.



Terms & Conditions


Tattoo Tokens are exclusively for a single use personal tattoo procedure only. A token does not buy you the rights or permission to...

  • Sell my designs in any way or use it for any commercial purposes or profit
  • Distribute or print my designs in any manner
  • Use this design for flash sheets or be sold in tattoo shops
  • Edit my artwork in any way


Purchase of an art print is for your personal display only. This may not be replicated, distributed or copied in any manner.


All copyrights and ownership of designs belong to Karina Bhargava.

© Karina Bhargava 2022

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